First Friday Luncheon and Other Announcements

New DNC logo-thumb-452x148-33275Hello Sandoval County Democrats:

While I know we are all up in arms over our KGB-Agent-In-Chief Donald Trump’s continuing efforts to steal our Democracy I have an important message that I’m going to reiterate over and over and over again until I’m blue in the face. Please get just as animated in supporting our local candidates for office! Our ability to resist the conservative movement’s and Republican Party’s initiatives is going to be largely determined by what we do on the local level. For too many years we forgot about County Commission, State Legislative and School Board elections in the hopes that we would hit a home-run in the Presidential race. That’s not enough. We have some great candidates running in races that directly impact our local lives and I hope you will help them out with time and/or treasure.  With that said I have some announcements:

1) I will be sending email blasts like this once a month. Anymore than that and we have to begin outlaying cash to mailchimp and that means less dollars to support a coordinated campaign office in 2020 and to help our candidates who get past our primaries next year. So when you see an event listing that piques your interest please write it down or put in your digital calendar.  I’m also going to be having event announcements in several other places:

-Our Sandoval County Democratic Party Facebook page

-Our NEW Twitter page (more on that below)

-On the homepage and events calendar of our homepage

-At our First Friday lunches at the Range in Bernalillo and our Second Saturday lunches at M’Tucci’s Moderno in Rio Rancho (more on the latter below)

2) Our next First Friday lunch will be on June 7 at the Range Café in Bernalillo at 11:30am. Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver will be our guest speaker. Show up early if you want to guarantee yourself a seat!

3) Our next Second Saturday LUNCH will be on June 8 at 11:30am at our NEW location-M’Tucci’s Moderno (1908 Wellspring Avenue SE, Rio Rancho). Guest speaker to be announced.

4) The next Sandoval County Federation of Democratic Women meeting will be held at the Placitas Library on June 9 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Guest speaker to be announced.

5) We have a new Twitter account! The Twitter handle is DPSandovalCO. You do NOT need a Twitter account to follow us. Please check there for the latest in event announcements, local Democratic politics and snark aimed at Republicans.

6) Nancy Gloman, Vice Chair for Ward E, is organizing Sandoval Dems for the July 4th parade in Rio Rancho. She needs help. Her contact information is 505-228-0140 and If you can reach out to her and help out it will be highly appreciated.

7) I want to give a shout out to Oscar Solis, Joey Dominguez, Tom Buckner and Leah Backzkiewcz. On May 11 Solis put on a great Ward D retreat that will help his Precinct Chairs organize in preparation for 2020. On May 18 Dominguez organized a fantastic social media/messaging bootcamp.  A number of people attended and Tom and Leah gave presentations on print media and Instagram respectively. Am I missing any shout-outs? Email me here and I will post them next month.

8) Starting this month I will be highlighting an individual Democratic volunteer with a “Why Am I Democrat” segment. This is so we, as a community, can get to know who we are beyond the most obvious people (such as candidates for office and the like) and why some of us volunteer. Should you be interested in being profiled in our next newsletter please email me here. For this month I am profiling Stephen Conrad of Algodones

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Steve Conrad — Why I Am a Democrat

I grew up in a Republican household. I love my Republican family (as well as my many Republican friends). But from a young age, I knew I was a Democrat at heart. I knew it as clearly as I know that I’m tall, and left handed, and have brown eyes. It seems as if it wasn’t even a choice on my part, but more of a predisposition. But why? At the tender age of 10 or so, I wouldn’t have been rationally assessing and comparing the policy positions of the two parties (although as a budding nerd, I probably could’ve taken a decent stab it it). Why then? I think it comes down to deep-seated intuitions about morals and values. Democrats have always cared deeply about protecting and lifting up the disadvantaged and about providing equal opportunity for all. We’re not rugged individualists and we don’t tend to engage in “Us Versus Them” thinking and we’re not afraid of changing the status quo for the better. Instead, we build community by working in service to one another. This sense of building a caring community and striving to provide fairness and justice and opportunity for all citizens — not just the white and the wealthy and the powerful — is what appealed to me at a gut level and at a young age. It still appeals to me now. Now more than ever!

I remember back to the early 1980s when I first moved out west to go to school at New Mexico Tech. Love Canal, the first Superfund site, was still in the news and I was studying earth science with an ambition toward contributing to the environmental movement. I was writing to a childhood friend and proclaimed, “Is this a great country or what? I have the opportunity pursue my dreams. I can grow up to be whatever I want!” I didn’t fully understand until years later that not everybody had the same opportunities as I had. I was born on 2nd base and didn’t even know it! My family was by no means wealthy, but we had stability and sufficient resources to live in a nice neighborhood and go to good schools. All I had to do was to work moderately hard and not screw up too badly. I have since come to understand that many in our society don’t have nearly the same opportunities and they certainly have far less margin for error.

I’m grateful for all the advantages I’ve received. And like any good Democrat, I want to “pay if forward” ( I can’t undo the privilege conferred on me by birth and gender and race. But I can use my many advantages along with some of my time, and money, and energy to help elect democrats and to work to create a society that offers improved opportunities for all. And that is why I am a Democrat.


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