Jun 08 2017

First Friday Luncheon and Other Announcements

New DNC logo-thumb-452x148-33275News From Sandoval County Democrats

First Friday Luncheon on June 2, 2017

Representative Daymon Ely,  District 23
, reported on the special Legislative session, called because the governor vetoed the funding for all higher education. Only one Republican legislator voted to override her veto so that attempt was not successful.  We need a veto-proof house, senate and governor who will work with all parties.  The final budget does not have sufficient reserves and  may impact the bond rating.

Representative Derrick Lente, District 65 reminded everyone of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, election one June 6, 7:00am to 7:00pm.  He is running for re-election to the Board.  If your tax bill has MRGCD on it you are eligible to vote in the election.

Laura Montoya, County Treasurer announced that the change in investment policy was taken off the agenda.  It is important to pay attention to the Assessor’s race.  It is too bad that the on-line shopping tax was not enacted as it    levels the playing field for local businesses.  Folks who are opposed to the oil & gas ordinance should talk to their respective elected officials and get Native American leaders involved in the effort.

Stephanie Ly, President of the Teacher’s Federation of New Mexico (TFNM—nm-aft.org) was the guest speaker.  She is an enthusiastic advocate for teachers and reminded us there are still folks in the schools who earn only $14,000 a year and are eligible for food stamps. She discussed ways the Sandoval County Dems could support students and teachers by conducting a school supply drive for the start of school in August.  To find out about news and actions to support teachers, go to the web site, above and sign up!  TFNM wants to continue working with Democrats to support teachers.

Fred Harris,  fondly referred to as the Sandoval County Democrats’ Chief of Stuff announced the June 24, Keep Sandoval Blue fundraiser in Corrales at 472 Priestley Road.  Hosts and sponsors are still needed.  Please RSVP and attend this fun event with Texas Populist Jim Hightower as guest speaker backed up by New Mexico elected officials including Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham will attend.  We’ll have food, drink and great conversation.

Alexis Jimenez announced that Moms Demand Action event will be at Harwood Art Center on Saturday June 3 at 6:00 pm.

Ryan Parra, Rio Rancho School Board member requested financial support to teach at the United Nations Golden Leadership event in New York in August.

Theresa Trujeque announced that the  June 3, Federation of Democratic Women event at UNM West is sold out.  Thanks to all volunteers.

Benton Howell, discussed the proposed Oil & gas ordinance being considered by the Sandoval County Commission.  He asked people to attend the County Commission meetings to show support on the  1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month at 6:00pm.  Comments can be made at the beginning of the meeting even if the item is not on the agenda.  You can also email and call your respective commissioners.

Meeting participants recommended Sandoval County adopt a policy to slow climate change.

The need to research politicians’ campaign contributors was also raised and some folks volunteered to start this work.

Upcoming events include:

the Keep Sandoval Blue spectacular on June 24 from 5 to 7 pm at 472 Priestley Road in Corrales.

Fourth of July Parades in Corrales, Rio Rancho and Placitas – wave the flag!

There is NO First Friday luncheon in July.

The next First Friday meeting is August 4, 2017 at the Range in Bernalillo from 11:30 to 1.

Rally to Protect our Health Care

There is a statewide rally happening between 10 AM and 11 AM on Saturday, June 17. For Sandoval County, this Rally will be happening in Rio Rancho at the corner of the Highway 528 and High Resort in the parking lot of the Presbyterian Urgent Care Center.

We are joining with Indivisible and PDA to Rally to Protect our health care. Bring signs and stories about how the ACA works for you and your family. Spend an hour, be visible and get the word out. Senators are meeting in secret, don’t plan to have any hearings or public release of their Trumpcare legislation which they may release this week. We need to let people know and this rally is a way to do it. I hope to see you Saturday!

Marg Elliston

472 Priestley Road
Corrales, NM 87048

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Jun 15 2017

State Rank on Child Well-Being Reveals Failure of Republican Policies, Success of Democratic Initiatives

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
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Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505) 750-2585

New Mexico – Today, New Mexico’s rank in child well-being revealed a dramatic contrast between the failure of Republican policies and success of Democratic initiatives.

Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg highlighted the stark difference between the policies saying, “Democrats believe that New Mexicans are resilient and powerful, and we can work to increase opportunities and improve the quality of life for everyone. This report makes it clear that Democratic policies improve the lives of our children and have a positive impact on New Mexico families; where as, Republican policies in education have kept our state at the bottom. The contrast couldn’t be more clear.”

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count Data Book, New Mexico remains dead last in education—an area the Martinez-Sanchez administration has taken steps to privatize, increase testing and push teachers out of the profession. On the other hand, child health has seen significant gains—largely due to greater access to health services through the Affordable Care Act.

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Jun 08 2017

American Federation of Teachers New Mexico React to Resignation of Secretary Hanna Skandera Skandera Latest in High-Level Exodus from Martinez Administration

June 8, 2017
Contact: John Dyrcz

Albuquerque – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement:

“The resignation of New Mexico Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera is welcome news for New Mexico’s educators.

“While we recognize this is an opportunity to reset the course New Mexico’s public education has taken under Governor Martinez and Secretary Skandera, and we sincerely hope her replacement is willing to meaningfully include stakeholder input and work towards strengthening education as a profession, recognizing that a strong system of public education is the foundation of a successful society.

“On Governor Martinez and Secretary Skandera’s watch in New Mexico, our State slid from 37th to 49th in the nation in the quality of our public education, was subjected to relentless attacks on public schools in favor of charter and private schools, had to fight against voucher schemes raiding public school funding, fought mandatory flunking of our students based on standardized testing, was subjected to abusive levels of over-testing of our students, and faced the institution of the nation’s most punitive evaluation system which has contributed to historic shortages of educators and students studying to enter the field of education.

“Whomever is named as the new Secretary of Education in New Mexico, they will have to quickly use their position to advocate for New Mexico’s public schools to avoid millions of dollars of cuts under President Trump’s proposed budget, potentially further harming an already fragile and underfunded system in New Mexico. We are ready to work together with a new Secretary, and are calling on Governor Martinez to name a replacement with deep and meaningful education experience who is equally ready to work with educators, parents, communities, and other stakeholders in an honest and productive way, prioritizes New Mexico students and educators.”

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May 06 2017

Where do we go from here

OK, Indivisiblists, we lost this round In the House of Representatives….barely. We need to keep in mind, however, that this is long fight, and the Republican majority is weaker from the positions many of them took during their fight to destroy affordable healthcare for all Americans. We need to stay organized, stay focused, and make those same Republicans pay for their votes on this issue.

Steve Pearce – you clearly don’t care about the welfare of New Mexico and New Mexicans.  You will never become Governor of New Mexico (I have heard that you might want that job). I will work hard to make sure that never happens.  I will work hard to make you fight to keep the job you have right now.

This battle has been a wake up call to Democrats, progressives, liberals, and all Americans who believe in fairness and justice.  We have been getting complacent, and we need to check that.  Progressive groups have had a surge in donations since this bill was past.  Moreover, you have probably seen quite a few articles in the press that indicate that, in winning this battle, Trump and the Republicans have really stirred a hornet’s nest.

Indivisibleguide.com has a great web page full of information about where we go from here and how we win this war.  Check it out and check out the video as well.

The next healthcare fight is in the Senate.  Trumpcare will have a very difficult time there.  And don’t forget to keep the pressure on the Trump administration about Russia.  Call our Senators (Heinrich is on the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence).  Call your Congressman.  Call the Justice Department. Write letters to the editor.

Continue the Resistance

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May 06 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week

Since 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association has designated the first full week in May as “Teacher Appreciation Week.”

We know here at AFT NM it is more than just the teacher who helps to create a positive environment in our public schools – it is the educational assistants, support personnel, nurses, transportation, councilors, facilities personnel, secretaries, and cafeteria workers who all lend a hand to our students’ successful learning.

We also know that successful students’ education begins with our earliest learners even before public school and continues through higher education, and eventually will lead to a lifelong career.

Every educator contributes to the successes of our students, and no so-called reforms or top-down mandates can ever replace the role you play in our students’ lives and academic journey. The work you do matters and cannot be overstated, and we will continue to support you in every way that we can.

For all of the educators who play a part – we say “THANK YOU!”

Each educator’s hard work deserves to be recognized and honored, not only this week, but throughout the year. We hope that your week has been filled with many parents and students saying “Thank You!”

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Ly

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Apr 30 2017

New Mexico Has New Democratic Party Leadership Team

Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505)750-2585

New Democratic Leadership Will Continue Democratic Momentum through Grassroots Efforts & Statewide Voter Engagement

New Mexico – On Saturday, the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) elected a new leadership team to guide the Party into the 2018 election. Richard Ellenberg (Santa Fe) will serve as state Party chair, Naomi Martinez Parra (Lordsburg) will serve as vice chair, Katharine Clark will serve as secretary, and Robert Lara (Las Cruces) will continue to serve as Treasurer.

“Democrats are united and working hard to make sure we never have another governor like Governor Susana Martinez nor a disaster like Donald Trump,” said Richard Ellenberg, the newly-elected chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “I look forward to the state Party supporting the efforts of our volunteers and continuing to build a strong grassroots network.”

The new officers are well-positioned to continue Democratic success into the 2018 election. The outgoing Democratic Party Officers worked to eliminate the Party’s debt, regain a Democratic majority in the New Mexico House of Representatives, expand the majority in the New Mexico Senate, and elect a Democratic Secretary of State.

“New Mexicans deserve opportunities to make our lives better, and we know Democrats work to for New Mexico families in all levels of government,” said Neomi Martinez-Parra, the newly-elected DPNM Vice Chair. “We’ll be working to further enhance the lines of communication between the Democratic National Committee, our state party, county chairs, SCC members and our constituency. Above al, l we will work to get Democrats elected so New Mexico has a brighter future.”

The new leadership team was elected by the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s State Central Committee (SCC), at this weekend’s SCC Meeting. Each member of the new Democratic leadership team will serve a two-year term. At the meeting, Democrats heard from elected officials, worked on grassroots campaign organizing and looked ahead to the 2018 election.

“I look forward to working to keep New Mexico Blue and the State Party in the black. As we move forward, the work to retain our majorities in the State House, retake the Governor’s office, and maintain our blue federal delegation will be at the top of our priorities list,” said DPNM Treasurer Robert Lara, who begins his second term as state Party Treasurer.  “When we work together, can we help the entire state move forward together. Lets get to work.”

The new DPNM Secretary Katharine Clark stated, “As Secretary of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, I’m looking forward to maximizing coordination with all our hardworking Democrats and using my experience to reach voters in all parts of the state.

The Democratic Party has seen renewed engagement in efforts to resist the Trump and Martinez-Sanchez Administrations’ reckless Republican agendas. Over the past few weeks, thousands of New Mexico Democrats gathered to reorganize on the county level and elected 17 new county party chairs. This year’s changes in leadership reflect an energized group of New Mexico Democrats who are ready to organize and stand up for all New Mexicans no matter where they live or their background.

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Apr 05 2017

Gov. Martinez Leaves State with More Than 200 Bills on Her Desk, Lt. Gov. John Sanchez Does Nothing

Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505)750-2585

New Mexico – News broke that Governor Martinez spent the first part of this week in Tennessee while she has more than 200 bills on her desk and only until Friday to sign them. Meanwhile acting governor, Lt. Governor John Sanchez took no responsibility to sign legislation that would increase opportunities for New Mexicans across the state.

“Governor Martinez clearly does not respect our state — instead of doing her job, the Governor leaves the state in the hands of Lieutenant Governor Sanchez, who follows lock step in her reckless policy decisions,” said DPNM Chairwoman Debra Haaland. “Democrats passed bills that focus on job creation, improving education, creating opportunity for New Mexico businesses, and putting our state on better economic footing; these bills need attention before the deadline.”

While legislators were hard at work during the 60-day session this year, Governor Martinez was in Utah on a ski trip, instead of doing her job. And since then, the Governor has avoided doing her job, irresponsibly threatening to shutdown state government and furlough state employees who have families that rely on their income. Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez echoed Governor Martinez’s irresponsible stance instead of voicing support for budget that includes important revenues that mitigate cuts to public schools, health care, and other critical services.

Martinez and Sanchez refuse to heed the warning that Moody’s analytics sent to other states when the Republican Kansas Governor vetoed important revenue increases and gave them a negative credit rating. A lower credit rating leads to a waste of taxpayer dollars by increasing the cost of important infrastructure projects that lead to economic development and opportunity.

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Mar 24 2017

Governor Martinez’s Hiring Freeze Means CYFD, HSD & Other State Agencies Remain Understaffed

Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505) 303-0748

Understaffing at agencies has led to a serious problems processing food assistance applications & children falling through the cracks at CYFD

New Mexico – Today, Governor Susana Martinez continued her raid against everyday New Mexicans by ordering a hiring freeze at state agencies, even though many agencies are already understaffed. Lack of staff at state agencies has led to serious problems processing food assistance applications, and children falling through the cracks when abuse is suspected.

“Under Governor Martinez’s watch, children are less safe, families have fewer economic opportunities, and our state is hanging on a fiscal cliff,” said DPNM Chairwoman Debra Haaland. “Governor Martinez’s hiring freeze means that Children Youth and Families Department, the Human Services Department, and other state agencies remain understaffed and unable to provide the services New Mexicans need.”

Democrats in the legislature sent a balanced budget to the Governor’s desk with important revenues that would mitigate cuts to public schools, health care, and other critical services. Despite Democrats’ work to ensure New Mexico is on a better financial footing, Governor Martinez ended the legislative session by promising to shut down state government before the budget even arrived on her desk.

Moody’s analytics sent a strong message to other states when the Republican Kansas Governor vetoed important revenue increases, and gave them a negative credit rating. A lower credit rating leads to a waste of taxpayer dollars by increasing the cost of important infrastructure projects that lead to economic development and opportunity.

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Mar 22 2017

Governor Martinez Seeks Government Shutdown, Risks New Mexico’s Future


Contact: Douglas Pacheco-Myers
Phone: (505) 303-0748

New Mexico – Governor Martinez ended the legislative session by promising to shutdown state government before the budget even arrived on her desk. Democrats in the legislature sent a balanced budget to the Governor’s desk Saturday with important revenues that would mitigate cuts to public schools, health care, and other critical services.

“Governor Martinez shows an immense disrespect for our families, our traditions, our educators and our state as a whole when she threatens to shutdown the government. Democrats in the House and Senate, with bipartisan support, passed a balanced budget  and revenue package that would greatly benefit all New Mexicans,” said DPNM Chairwoman Debra Haaland. “The Governor shows that she’s more interested in playing political games and putting state employees out of work, than creating opportunity for New Mexico families.”

Under Governor Martinez’s lack of leadership New Mexico is on a fiscal cliff. Moody’s analytics sent a strong message to other states when the Republican Kansas Governor vetoed important revenue increases, and gave them a negative credit rating. Lower credit ratings leads to a waste of taxpayer dollars by increasing the cost of important infrastructure projects.

Over the 60 day session, the Governor vetoed vital legislation that would create jobs, invest in our kids, increase revenue, and she continues to threaten a Government shutdown at the risk of New Mexico’s future.

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Feb 27 2017

Democrats Embrace New DNC Leadership

Contact: Douglas Pacheco-Myers
Phone: (505) 303-0748

Albuquerque N.M – Today, Democrats from across the country elected Secretary Tom Perez as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In his first action as DNC Chair, Perez nominated Representative Keith Ellison to serve as Deputy Chair of the DNC.  Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement:

“We congratulate Secretary Tom Perez on his hard-fought victory and look forward to working together with him and Keith Ellison as the new leaders of the DNC. Under Perez’ leadership, the focus will be on winning elections on all levels. Throughout his life, Chairman Perez has fought for Americans’ civil rights, better wages, overtime pay and collective bargaining rights. His vision for the Party begins by growing from the grassroots and advocating in every zip code.

With the successes we had in New Mexico in the 2016 election, we are ready and willing to help Chairman Perez in the resistance of the Trump agenda, and ready to focus on building a stronger party for all New Mexicans and all Americans. With the leadership of Secretary Perez and Representative Ellison, Democrats will move forward united and together,” said Chairwoman Haaland.

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