Sep 08 2014

Your Help is Wanted and Needed

“Volunteer activities to help elect Democrats from the top of the ticket – Senator Tom Udall – to the bottom.  We need your help.  These phone banks will be weekly events.  Let me know if you can help!”  Marg at

First the phone bank at the DPNM HQ, which is located at 8214 2nd Street NW. It will be on Wednesday, Sep. 10, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

There’s also the phone bank in Rio Rancho tomorrow (Tuesday, Sep. 9) at 2213 Spruce Needle Rd NE from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.


Aug 29 2014

Volunteer at the State Fair and Help Elect Democrats!

DPNM is asking for volunteers to staff our booth at the 2014 State Fair—September 10-21. Coverage is needed between the hours of 9AM through 9PM during the week and 9AM through 10PM weekends.

Volunteers will receive passes to enter the fair.  Please send your name, phone number e-mail address and days/times you are available to Romaine Serna. The goal is to have a big presence in this election year!

Contact Romaine Serna– OR 505-830-3650

Aug 26 2014

Conservative Republican Endorses Gary King for Governor

Conservative radio show host and self described conservative Republican George Lovato Jr. endorses Gary King for Governor.  While Lovato supported Martinez in the past he has been disappointed by her complete lack of concern about New Mexico’s small businesses.  King, in sharp contrast to the current governor, is offering a sound and much needed plan for the state.

Watch Lovato explain why he has turned away from Martinez and is supporting Gary King for Governor.

Aug 22 2014

The Real Reason Voter Rolls are Purged

Earlier this month, Secretary of State Dianna Duran once more began her process of purging the voter rolls.  This action is being repeated by Republican officials around the country.  When asked the reason, the answer is always to reduce voter fraud.  A recent study casts doubt on that thinking when it sampled I BILLION votes and found only 31 instances of voter fraud (that’s 0.000000031 of the total votes).  Hardly a problem to the integrity of the vote.  So if voter fraud is not the reason, what is?  Voter suppression.  Remember back to August 2012 when Duran set about purging Diane Wood from the voter rolls?  Diane, the Voting Rights Director for Common Cause, had voted in every election since 1971.  Read the study that led to the conclusion that voter fraud IS NOT the reason behind the efforts to purge voter rolls.



Aug 20 2014

It’s Time to Help Elect Democrats

“Get ready, get set, get to work to elect Democrats.  Come to our monthly luncheon at the Range in Bernalillo to hear the latest, catch up on candidates and listen to some special guests.  We’ve invited them.  Come and find out who they are!  The luncheon is on Friday, September 5 at the Range Café in Bernalillo at 11:30 AM to 1.  See you there.

Democrats are making phone calls and registering voters for the upcoming election.  If you have time to help, let me know what you want to do and I will refer you to the event organizers. “   Marg (

Aug 19 2014

Can Voters Trust the SOS to Follow the Law and Just Do Her Job?

The answer is CLEARLY NO.  Read the Journal story for details.

Aug 05 2014

Congressman Lujan Campaign Offering Internship

Know someone looking for an opportunity to break into politics?

The People for Ben Campaign is seeking individuals who want to establish lasting connections, gain campaign experience and work on behalf of a current Member of Congress.The People for Ben Internship Program is designed to give people substantial exposure to practical, campaign-style politics on a Congressional level. This is a great opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s of a Congressional Campaign.

Apply today!

Aug 04 2014

Voter Registrars Needed!

Labor Day weekend at the Bernalillo Wine Festival, Sundaymornings in Corrales.  More to come.  Email Marg ( at to volunteer.  

Jul 25 2014

Celebrate the Opening of the Coordinated Campaign Office

Join in to celebrate the Official Office Opening for the Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign.  Its on Saturday August 2, 2014.  Special guests are Senators Tom Udall and Al Franken and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham.  The opening is from 10 AM to noon and its at the office at 115 Montclaire Drive SE, Albuquerque, 87108.  You may recognize the space from the 2012 Obama Campaign.  We hope to see you there!


Jul 09 2014

New Mexico is Ranked Dead Last in Private Sector Job Growth

Thousands and thousands of New Mexicans have been forced to move out of state the past 3 and a half years for one reason: Republican Governor Martinez.

Over the past year, New Mexico lost 600 jobs for a 0.1negative growth rate.  The Albuquerque region alone lost 2700 jobs for a 0.7 negative growth rate.

Governor Martinez’s response: Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

Republicans are always touting their pro-business/pro jobs experience EXCEPT when they are in charge and then the blame game starts as one failure after another spews forth that hurts and destroys middle class families. Who gets the blame?  The media, Democrats, unions, the poor, government employees, immigrants and liberals are the usual targets.

This is Governor Martinez’s New Mexico:

–50th in nation for well being of children

–zero jobs created—state lost almost 6000 jobs within last year

–1st in nation for child hunger; 2nd for adults

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