Jul 27 2016


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Congressman Ben Ray Lujan will be with us.  As will other Democratic candidates. 

The Office is at 2345 Southern, Suite B4, Rio Rancho.  

It’s next to a Karate Studio and Flower shop, around the corner from Madrid Dentist. 

We need you there! Please come.




Those folks with the last name beginning in:

A-G  – Bring cold cuts, cheeses, some type of main dish

H-M – Salads, vegetable and fruit

N-T –  Paper bowls, paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, mayo, mustard, bread rolls, crackers,  chips, dips

U-Z – Desserts

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May 19 2016

First Friday Luncheon and Other Announcements

gotv2-540x300I write this as the Republican leader accepts his nomination to be President of the United States.  I hear a man who invokes fear and hatred, division and discord, a man who worships wealth and the power it conveys.

I hope you will  all watch the Democratic Convention next week; we will all see a very different picture of our country, our world and the possibilities for our children and grandchildren.  Learn how, as Hillary Clinton says, we are Stronger Together!

And then, I hope you will join with the Sandoval County Democrats for some good, down-home politics to get us ready for the 2016 election.

Thursday, August 4 at 5:30 PM, we’ll have our Rio Rancho Office Opening.  It’s the KICKOFF for the fall Campaign.   Congressman Ben Ray Lujan will be with us.  As will other Democratic candidates. The Office is at 2345 Southern, Suite B4. Rio Rancho.  It’s next to a Karate Studio and Flower shop, around the corner from Madrid Dentist. We need you there! Please come.

Then, the very next day, join us for our regular 11:30am to 1pm First Friday Luncheon on August 5 at the Range in Bernalillo.  We are honored to welcome Attorney General Hector Balderas  who will talk about getting Democrats elected from the top of the ticket all the way down.  We’re  at the Range in Bernalillo from 11:30 to 1 PM.  Please let me know that you can make it to the Range in Bernalillo at 11:30am.

Now really is the time to come to the aid of our Party—and, more importantly, our state and country.  We need you to volunteer!!  We’ll have two offices to staff – one in Rio Rancho and one in Bernalillo.  We need office help, data entry help, phone callers, door knockers, food providers, and all the other tasks that go into making a great campaign.

In addition to electing our new president, we have state-wide races – Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, a Supreme Court Judge, Michael Vigil, and a Court of Appeals Court Judge, Julie Vargas.   We need to re-elect our outstanding congressional representatives – Michelle Luján Grisham in CD 1 and Ben Ray Luján in CD 3.   We need to re-elect our County Clerk Eileen Garbagni and our County Treasurer Laura Montoya.  We need to elect Ken Eichwald and Alexis Jiménez to the County Commission and re-elect Nora Scherzinger to that same body.  We have legislative candidates to support as well – John Wallace for House District 22,  Daymon Ely for House District 23, Stephanie García Richard for House District 43,  Donna Tillman for House District 57, and Derrick Lente for House District 65 – and John Sapien for State Senate District 9, Dave Simon for State Senate District 10,  Bennie Shendo in State Senate District 22 and Linda Allison in State Senate District 40.

You can help ALL these candidates by volunteering in our offices.  The time is NOW.  Let me know what you want to do.

Marg Elliston
472 Priestley Road
Corrales, NM 87048

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Jul 29 2016

DPNM Statement on Historic Nomination of Hillary Clinton and Her Acceptance Speech

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Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505) 750-2585

Philadelphia, PA – Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton, the first woman to be nominated for President of the United States by a major political party:

“When Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination tonight, a glass ceiling was shattered, and in this election, we intend to shatter the next glass ceiling, and elect her as the 45th President of the United States.

“Tonight, Hillary Clinton shared her vision for the future of our country, which will improve the lives of all Americans. She will work to create good paying jobs, make college and early childhood education affordable, increase access to health care, and build a country where all of our children have an opportunity to succeed.

“Coming out of the convention Democrats are energized and we’re going to take this momentum to deliver a victory for Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ballot in New Mexico.”

AND Hillary’s Acceptance Speech…..




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Jul 27 2016

DPNM Chairwoman, U.S. Senator Tom Udall Deliver Delegate Votes in Historic Nomination of Hillary Clinton

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Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505) 750-2585

Philadelphia, PA – Democratic Party of New Mexico State Party Chairwoman Debra Haalnd and U.S. Senator Tom Udall deliver New Mexico’s Democratic delegate votes in the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton. At the convention Chairwoman Haaland and U.S. Senator Tom Udall touted New Mexico in their vote announcement.

In their announcement, U.S. Senator Tom Udall lauded New Mexico’s national labs, veterans, and introduced Chairwoman Haaland, the first Native American woman to lead a state party. Chairwoman Haaland paid homage to her Pueblo roots and highlighted New Mexico’s rich Native history and culture.

Chairwoman Debra Haaland released the following statement on the historic nomination:

“Today, Democrats made history—Hillary Clinton became the first woman nominee to run for President of the United States, and I was honored to announce New Mexico’s delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention. Hillary broke a glass ceiling, and now we’re going to move forward and elect her president of the United States.

“As a mother, and a daughter—I know what this means for girls in our country. It lifts the barriers and will inspire young girls to dream beyond what they thought was possible.

“Hillary has been fighting for our families for decades and she has the experience to find meaningful solutions and build an economy for all New Mexicans. Unlike Trump, Hillary knows that we are stronger together and it’s imperative that we work to defeat Donald Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric and campaign based on fear.”

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Jul 25 2016

DPNM Chairwoman Debra Haaland and U.S. Senator Tom Udall to Tout New Mexico During Delegate Vote Announcement

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Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505) 750-2585

Philadelphia, PA – Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman and New Mexico Delegation to the National Democratic Convention Chair Debra Haaland and U.S. Senator Tom Udall will tout New Mexico during roll call vote announcement on the floor of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday.

Their announcement will laud New Mexico’s diverse history and Democratic values. The New Mexico delegation to the Democratic National Convention elected Debra Haaland to be the delegation’s chair. The delegation chair assists staff with logistical details as well as announces the New Mexico delegation votes at the convention.

During the Democratic National Convention’s roll call vote, each state delivers the delegate votes from their primary elections and caucuses. Each state has the opportunity to highlight the many features that make their state unique.

Also featured on Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention will be President Bill Clinton and Mothers of the Movement.

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Jul 22 2016

DPNM Launches ‘No More Excuses’ Site to Expose GOP SOS Candidate’s Extremist Legislative Record

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Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505) 750-2585

DPNM Launches ‘No More Excuses’ Site to Expose GOP SOS Candidate’s Extremist Legislative Record
Espinoza Wants to Run from Past; Dems Holding Her Accountable

New Mexico – The Democratic Party of New Mexico on Friday launched a website, www.noraespinozaforsos.com, exposing Nora Espinoza’s extremist legislative record, even as the Republican candidate for Secretary of State tries to run from her past.

“Nora Espinoza has been one of the most divisive, extremist, partisan members of the legislature for nearly a decade, but now she wants voters to forget her record as she runs for higher office? Not on our watch,” said Joe Kabourek, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “From now until November, we will hold Espinoza accountable every step of the way for her dangerous record of supporting discrimination against LGBT New Mexicans, advocating for banning books by Hispanic authors, putting politicians in charge of women’s healthcare decisions, and even skipping a vital ethics vote.”

Legislative records also show that Espinoza did not file a single piece of legislation related to elections or campaigns until after she announced her candidacy for Secretary of State.

Recent campaign finance records further show that Espinoza has turned to the same inner circle that disgraced former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who went to jail for fraud and embezzlement, relied on during her time in office. This inner circle includes Rod Adair and Bobbi Shearer, both of whom worked for Duran and now are being directly paid by Espinoza’s campaign.

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Jul 06 2016

Hillary for New Mexico is Recruiting Summer Fellows




Hillary for New Mexico is recruiting for Summer Fellows for the next 6 weeks (we are also recruiting for Fall Fellows as well – feel free to send anyone interested in the Fall).

The HFA Fellowship is an opportunity for people to make history from the ground up by joining the Hillary for America team.

Our mantra is “engage with purpose, organize with heart, and win every day” – and we do it by empowering our volunteers through opportunities like the HFA fellowship.

This program is designed to test, train, and develop a new class of organizers, and to help the campaign expand our outreach efforts in communities across the country. HFA fellows will learn the basics of organizing and campaign fundamentals so they can empower their communities through grassroots organizing.

Do you know anyone who might be interested or would you mind forwarding this out to your group?

Please have them contact Scott Forrester at sforrester@hillaryclinton.com or call me at 505-934-5681.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Scott Forrester
Hillary for New Mexico
State Director

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Jun 08 2016

Will Governor Martinez Stand Up For New Mexico’s Judges & Denounce Trump’s Attack on Judicial Officials with Hispanic Heritage?

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Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505) 750-2585

Albuquerque, N.M. – The Democratic Party of New Mexico called on Governor Susana Martinez to stand up for New Mexico’s many qualified Hispanic judges and denounce Donald Trump’s remarks about disqualifying a judge presiding over the Trump University class action lawsuits on the basis of his Hispanic heritage. A number of Republican Party officials denounced Donald Trump’s comments Tuesday–Governor Martinez has yet to comment.

“New Mexico has a historical heritage of electing and appointing judges with Hispanic backgrounds. Governor Martinez, as the elected head of the executive branch, as a licensed member of the New Mexico Bar, and as a human being has a moral and professional obligation to support our judicial system and our judges and denounce Mr. Trump’s comments. To suggest that the heritage of a judge may affect that judge’s impartially is beyond ridiculous. Mr. Trump clearly does not understand what a conflict of interest is, and he has insulted the members of the bench and bar here in New Mexico and across the nation who are of Hispanic descent. The fact that Governor Martinez continues to entertain the idea of endorsing Mr. Trump as the Republican nominee, in light of his xenophobic and racist comments, is telling of her own lack of understanding of her duties as a Governor and an attorney. All New Mexicans deserve to have our Governor support the members of the judiciary, regardless of their backgrounds because it is the right thing to do, not because it may be politically convenient of her to do so. To do any less is to support the decisive politics of hate the is the cornerstone of the Trump campaign.” said Robert Lara, attorney and Treasurer of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Recently, Governor Martinez’s office released a statement saying the Governor was open to meeting with Donald Trump. Governor Martinez has had opportunities to denounce Trump, instead she confirmed that she will be attending the Republican National Convention, ran to be and national delegate, and was elected as a voting delegate to the convention.

Governor Martinez affirmed that she will not be supporting former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, which leaves the door open for a Trump endorsement in the future, but she continues to avoid giving a straight answer.

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Apr 27 2016

Job Cuts at Intel Add to the Long History of Lost Jobs Under Governor Martinez’s Watch

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Contact: Felicia Salazar
Phone: (505)750-2585

Albuquerque, N.M. – After reports of more than 215 job cuts at Intel’s Rio Rancho plant, the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) and Daymon Ely, Democratic candidate for N.M. House District 23 where Intel is located, pointed to Governor Martinez and state Republican’s failure to build economic security for hardworking New Mexicans and their families.

“Governor Martinez’s dismal jobs record keeps hurting New Mexico, and the job cuts at Intel just add to a long history of lost jobs under her watch,” said DPNM Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez III. “Democrats have been working to invest in early childhood education, job training programs, and college education in an effort to build long-term economic security in our state and ensure New Mexicans have the skills needed to get ahead in this economy, while Governor Martinez and State Republicans continue to focus on their all-crime, all the time agenda.”

“Intel is in the heart of my district. This administration and Republicans in the House have failed to focus on jobs or economic growth.  As a result, we are seeing a pattern of job losses — this is just latest example. I have been talking to constituents in the district for months now about my ideas on how to jump start our economy. It’s time we hear from the Republicans, and particularly Paul Pacheco, on their plan,” said Daymon Ely, candidate for N.M. House District 23.

Under Governor Martinez’s administration New Mexico has continued to see jobs leave the state. Google cut 240 jobs. Sprint cut 400 jobs. UTC Aerospace cut 150 jobs. And Caterpillar cut 50 jobs. More than 1,600 people were put out of work as a result of Governor Martinez’s behavioral health shakeup. The lack of focus from Governor Martinez and Republicans in the state is having a damaging effect on New Mexico’s economic future.

Democrats have introduced and supported legislation that would support job creators in the state and policies that would level the playing field so everyone has an opportunity to succeed. More information on House Democrats Economic Opportunity Plan is available here.

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Apr 11 2016

DPNM News Clips – April 11, 2016

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ABQ JOURNAL: State adds 15K registered voters since year-end
By Dan Boyd / Capitol Bureau Chief
Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 11:45pm

SANTA FE – New Mexico’s voter rolls grew by more than 15,000 voters in the past three months, a trend likely driven by interest in the upcoming presidential primary election and the implementation of a new state system that allows eligible voters to register online.

Of the 15,318 voters who registered from the end of 2015 through March 31, nearly one-third – or about 4,800 voters – did so via the online portal implemented at the start of the year, Kari Fresquez, the interim election director for the Secretary of State’s Office, said this week.

In all, there were more than 1.21 million voters registered statewide as of the start of this month, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

However, there’s no guarantee the increase in voter enrollment will lead to a higher turnout for the June 7 primary election.

Lonna Atkeson, a University of New Mexico political science professor, said some independent voters, or those who decline to affiliate with a political party, may not realize they are not allowed to vote in the primary election under New Mexico law.

Recent attempts to allow independents and voters belonging to minor political parties to participate in the primary election have been unsuccessful to date – both in the Legislature and in the judicial system.

But Atkeson said the state’s swelling voter roles do appear to show both election-year enthusiasm and the effect of making it easier for voters to register.

“I think the fact we have online voter registration is important,” Atkeson told the Journal . “And I think there’s so much attention being paid to the presidential election, that that’s generating excitement.”

Neither the Republican nor the Democratic presidential nomination has been sewn up yet, as Hillary Clinton holds a lead over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race, and front-runner Donald Trump is trying fend off Ted Cruz and John Kasich on the GOP side.

New Mexico is among the last wave of states holding primary elections and, as such, is typically all but irrelevant in determining a nominee. But the stakes could be higher this year if one, or both, of the two main parties’ nominations remain in limbo when eligible New Mexico voters cast their ballots.

This year’s increase in registered voters has been more pronounced than that of at least some recent election years. In 2014, for example, voter registration went up by just 1,129 people during the same three-month period leading up to that year’s primary election.

Meanwhile, of the total number of New Mexico registered voters as of March 31, roughly 46 percent – or 561,705 – were registered Democrats and about 31 percent – or 377,715 – were registered as Republicans, with the rest either declining to state a party affiliation or being members of another political party.

Although most voters are registered as Democrats or Republicans, the 2.7 percent increase in voters affiliated with minor political parties – including the Libertarian, Green and Constitution parties – actually outpaced the growth of voters registered with major parties during the recent three-month period. There were 40,652 voters registered with minor political parties as of March 31.

The turnout was below average for New Mexico’s last presidential year primary election, with only about 25 percent of registered Democratic voters and 24 percent of Republicans casting ballots in the 2012 primary.

May 10: Voter registration deadline
May 10: Absentee voting begins (including in-person at county clerk’s office)
May 21: Early voting begins at alternative sites
June 3: Last day county clerks may mail an absentee ballot
June 4: Absentee and early voting ends
June 7: Primary election


SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN: Our View: This election, N.M. votes matter
Posted: Saturday, April 9, 2016 7:00 pm
The New Mexican

In a political year like no other, it appears that the New Mexico primary election — despite being held in June — could matter this presidential year.

Both the GOP and Democratic battle for the nomination is going the distance. Voters in New Mexico, who generally never get a choice in their party’s presidential primary — the nominee is already selected — can make a difference come June 7.

For the GOP, the race is between Donald Trump and Everyone Else, with party establishment types and moderates worried that Trump as nominee will destroy the party not just in 2016 but for the foreseeable future. They want a contested convention, with anyone but Trump being chosen on a second or third ballot. Democrats have a two-person battle, between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, a campaign that has turned increasingly nasty in recent days. It’s a fight of math (Clinton leads in votes cast and delegate count) and momentum (Sanders has been winning recent primaries and caucuses, much like Clinton did against eventual winner Barack Obama back in 2008).

New Mexicans should enjoy this rare opportunity to join what has turned into a national pastime, watched by both political junkies and average Joes and Juanas. The nation appears engaged in what happens in the presidential race. That’s a good thing, especially the increased engagement of younger voters and independents who often sit primaries out. Democracy cannot work without citizen participation.

As for the outcome in New Mexico, polling is light and there is uncertainty for both parties. Trump’s no-nonsense approach is likely to attract a segment of New Mexico’s GOP voters; Cruz comes from next-door Texas, and his brand of evangelical conservatism has its adherents in New Mexico.
The Clintons — Bill and Hillary — have a history with New Mexico. Bill Clinton was a protégé of the late Gov. Bruce King, even delivering King’s eulogy. The couple stopped in Albuquerque in 1992, on election night, and visited often (for a president, anyway) over the years. Former Gov. Bill Richardson was a Clinton Cabinet appointee, and many New Mexicans worked for the Clinton administration.

That was the ’90s, though, and a long time ago. Many voters weren’t born when Bill Clinton was president. As we in Santa Fe know, younger people and progressives love Bernie Sanders and will be organized and emphatic in their support of the Vermont senator. Enthusiasm goes a long way to winning primaries, and the more extreme members of the base in both parties often turn out in greater numbers. New Mexicans, though, have the opportunity to matter this primary season.

Trump is struggling to get to 1,237 delegates to win the nomination in the first round, and New Mexico has 24 GOP delegates at stake. Clinton needs 2,383 delegates, and even New Mexico’s 43 delegates can help her (or Sanders) reach the finish line.

As a border state, the rhetoric of this campaign, especially on the GOP side, matters. The wall that Trump is promising to build would snake across New Mexico, to the detriment of the environment and to the people who live there. His ugly rhetoric about Mexicans disgusts most New Mexicans, even those who cling to Spanish ancestry. They’re smart enough to realize that to racists, all brown skin looks alike.
GOP Gov. Susana Martinez — who endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio just before he flamed out — has called her party on its ugly language about immigrants. So far, she hasn’t weighed in on Trump v. Cruz. (And least we forget, Ohio Gov. John Kasich remains in the primary; he’s counting on being the sane choice on a third round of voting at the convention.)

Democrats have had the pleasure, until recently, of watching a substantive campaign between two smart, qualified candidates. Last week’s descent into discussions of whether Clinton is “qualified” to be president — a mistake on Sanders’ part to go there — is an exception. He has walked back his unfortunate statement. We trust the Democrats will get back to what matters, presenting their policy solutions to the nation’s problems. As Clinton stated so clearly: “I’ll take Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump or Ted Cruz anytime.” That’s the right idea.

After all, once the primaries end, both parties have to abandon rancor and unite behind their party’s nominee. The less personal the debate, the more likely a party can enter the general election united. Come November, New Mexicans have another consideration, too. Former Gov. Gary Johnson is running for president as a Libertarian.

The lengthy primary season has exposed the nation to raw politics in its best and worst. Importantly for New Mexicans, this drawn-out fight gives voters here the unusual opportunity to influence the presidential election. Let’s not pass it up.

Felicia Salazar
Communications Director
Democratic Party of New Mexico

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