First Friday Luncheon and Other Announcements

Hello Sandoval County Democrats:

Don’t forget the Second Saturday lunch is at 11:30am on September 14 at M’Tucci’s Moderno in Rio Rancho. The tentative speaker will be Corrales Mayor Jo Anne Roake.

*This is the corrected version of this email. It is Indivisible Nob Hill-not Indivisible Corrales-that will be leading a group of protestors to the Star Center on Monday evening.

I am writing this email to you this evening in lieu of our normal monthly newsletter. Please read this to the end as it will contain a couple announcements about events in the month of October.

Trump is coming to Sandoval County (Sept.16). While we all wish we could put him in a box and send him away-preferably in the cheapest box and delivery method possible-we will not be able to do that. There any number of reasons why we oppose Trump’s presence here in New Mexico:

  • We have our own positive vision of what a community looks like. That is hard, hard work and we have been doing that here in Sandoval County and New Mexico more generally for years. The progress has not always been linear. What does that community look like? It’s a community that welcomes everyone into the American family, no matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political persuasion, etc. It’s a community that values sustainable and equitable growth. It’s a community that believes in civility and mutual respect. Trump has shown, through words and deeds, that he stands in opposition to this vision.
  • Our county and State is one of the most diverse in the nation. Our population consists of many individuals and entire communities that have recent experience with hateful speech and actions. I feel this viscerally as an openly gay man. Many of these people feel threatened by Trump’s actions and deeds. Whether the Conservative Movement/Republican Party is aware of this highly debatable. But until they understand that we will continue to make clear that we oppose Trump’s presence and his policies.
  • While our State is flush with resources at the State level, we have a lot of catching up to do from the Great Recession. We need investments in education, infrastructure and diversifying this economy. Trump’s visit, with the resources that one day visit will consume, in a state that is extremely unlikely to go in Trump’s electoral column, is a waste of precious resources. Both monetarily and emotionally.

There are going to be options on Monday (as well as over the weekend) to respond to this. I understand the passions behind it and the debate that rages over the best way to approach this visit. In having this debate, we cannot be our own worst enemy and imitate Trump’s slashing style amongst ourselves. A phrase often heard at rallies goes “Tell me what Democracy looks like! This is what Democracy looks like!” Democracy means many things. One of those things is mutual respect. While I will be listing all options, known to me, below my own fervent belief is that you must not stay home that night. On that night you must engage with the community around you and show that we are not a divided community, state or nation, whatever Trump tries to do to tear that down. With that said, I strongly urge you to take one of these steps. I will be sending updates on plans as I receive them on our Facebook page.

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David McGuffie – Why I am a Democrat

Imagine a world where healthcare and education are privatized leading to rising costs, many animals are now extinct, hordes of people are on the streets, begging for a dime, no public lands as they are now all in the hands of multimillionaires; and an earth that is scorched causing famines leading to mass immigration. If this sounds familiar, these things are all courtesy of the GOP. That is why I am a democrat. I am fighting for those things to NOT happen. I feel the Democratic party best exemplifies the best of humanity and most aligns with my core beliefs of caring for my fellow man and providing a hand up not a hand out.  I, also, feel it best defends the Constitution and the dreams for our country by our forefathers who wrote it.

I am a Democrat because I believe in HOPE and FREEDOM! We are the party with HEART, not the party of GREED! We embrace everyone. I am progressive because I believe we can do better as a party and I sincerely care about the future of our children, grandchildren and the future of our planet. I believe in universal healthcare for all, a plan that doesn’t distinguish us by income inequality. I am Pro-Choice. I believe in equal pay and support enacting laws that will stop violence against women, promoting equal rights for women and electing more women to public office, because I believe for way too long women have been treated as second-class citizens. Only Native Americans are natural Americans. The rest of us are all immigrants. We should treat all immigrants as we hope and believe our ancestors were treated. I am a Democrat because I believe in America and the Constitution that allows its melting pot of citizens to have rights that allow the people to live in peace due to the protections in a framework of laws that apply to everyone. The most important being Separation of Church and State that has allowed us to be a successful country by not allowing religion to sideline our laws.

I am a Democrat because we DO NOT support Racism! Nor would Democrats ever nominate a racist candidate for any office. I support FREE COLLEGE for ALL because if we are going to be the leader in technology, we need to educate our youth to be better than what we were. It’s my understanding that’s what every parent’s hope is for their children. I support raising wages for the working class thus closing the wealth gap as America prospers when we all prosper. Healthy, financially secure and stable workers are much more productive. But most importantly, I am a Democrat because I believe in FREEDOM!
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