Your Help Needed for the Sandoval County Coordinated Campaign

The 2018 is one of the most, if not the most, critical election in our lifetime.


It is September and Labor Day is past.  The General Election campaign is in the homestretch!

We can win this election by canvassing, telephone banking, talking-to our friends, telling everyone we know how important this election is and keeping up the momentum.

You Can HELP!!!

The Coordinated Campaign is making a major effort at Canvassing and telephone banking in Sandoval County.

We canvass by going door to door.  Canvassing is fun!!  You get to meet great new people!!!

The Coordinated Campaign provides a packet for canvassing for each canvass shift of 30 to 40 houses.
The packet contains:

  • A clip-board,
  • A script guide to lead you in carrying on a conversation and asking the voter to vote for our candidates,
  • A map of the houses targeted for canvassing and a list of the voters and addresses.
  • Campaign information.

Packets are picked up from the DPSC Office at 1520 Deborah Road, Suite K, Rio Rancho (Behind Hot Tamales on 528) and returned to that office upon completion. If you are unable to walk door-to-door, perhaps you can drive someone who will go door-to-door.

We need both drivers and walkers! Democrats always step up when needed!  Volunteer today!
Most of all, it is important that each and every one of us vote.  Every vote counts!!!

Click on the “Volunteer” button in the sidebar to let use know what you can help with.

Thank you,

Thomas R. Buckner, Chair

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