NM State Chair’s Report

Dear Democrats:

Many thanks to each of you! I can’t tell you how impressed and grateful we all are for all you are doing in this vital campaign—standing up with our great Democratic candidates at town halls and marching with the Democratic banner and our great Democratic candidates in parades in town and cities all over the state—or phone banking; or canvassing; or talking with your friends; or being among the hundreds of small donors who have signed up as monthly grassroots sustainers, or who’ve joined the Chair’s Council, or who are already buying tables or tickets for our October 6 Rising Stars dinner (contact kyra@nmdemocrats.org)
–or everyone who is involved in one or more of these vital efforts.

I love your enthusiasm and commitment. Together, we’re harnessing tremendous NM grass roots energy to get all our Democratic candidates—from the county courthouse, to the Round House, to our nation’s Capitol—elected in November! Thank you! Thank you!

This campaign is about what we stand for! Sure, we want to replace Governor Martínez with the highly competent and progressive Michelle Luján Grisham, send the influential and effective Martin Heinrich back to the Senate, elect and reelect a truly great and historic NM congressional delegation of Ben Ray Luján, Deb
Haaland and Xochitl Torres Small, and elect more Democrats throughout our state. Sure, we’re dismayed and disgusted by the present administration in Washington and want to check it and change it. But what we are about is more, much more, than that.

We’re fighting for New Mexico families and we’re fighting for: Jobs for all New Mexicans; Quality, affordable health care for all; A world class education for our kids from pre-K through College, without a mountain of debt; Common sense gun safety reform; Alternative energy and protections for our environment; Full equality for women, people of color, the LGBTQ community—and all or our people; We’re fighting to make New Mexico a place where everyone has the chance to work hard for a livable wage.

NM FOR ALL is a team effort! Our major Democratic candidates—Senator Heinrich,  Michelle Luján Grisham and Howie Morales, Ben Ray Luján, Deb Haaland and Xochitl Torres Small, Hector Balderas, Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Tim Eichenberg, Stephanie Garcia Richard, , Supreme court candidate Judge Michael Vigil and the five marvelously qualified women running for Court of Appeals judges—Kristine  Bogardus, Jacqueline Medina, Briana Zamora, Megan Duffy and Jennifer Attrep—all are working together, as are so many of you, in the greatest coordinated campaign—called NM for All—that I’ve ever seen. For our Democratic candidates, it’s all for one and one for all—and all for the people.

DPNM officers are strong and active. We’ve got an outstanding and hard-working young headquarters staff in ABQ, headed by Joe Kabourek: joe@nmdemocrats.org. We have opened 16 regional and county headquarters offices in the state, staffed by 30 well-trained, young and diverse men and women organizers, who are working with our county chairs and regional vice chairs and hordes of enthusiastic volunteers, contacting voters, registering, telephoning and door knocking, then reporting daily on the results
of these massive efforts. Coordinating this effort is the highly competent Chelsey Evans: chelsey@nmdemocrats.org

Each of you can get regular text reports on party and candidate events and activities and where you can fit in, if you’re not already, by texting 97779, then writing in the message line: “NM”; then press send. And by checking our website: www.nmdemocrats.org

Nobody, and none of our candidates, is taking anything for granted!We know some of our races are tighter than others (although we’re encouraged by what we’re hearing and what the polls have been showing). This is a 33-county effort, and we’re all working very hard. The major campaign leaders meet weekly with DPNM
officers and staff, report on and make plans for group effort, then fan out separately around the state to see that the ticket is represented at each week’s local events and activities. I myself, since announcing for Chair and since being elected, have visited, at least once, 24 of the 33 NM counties, and by the end of next month, I will have been in all of them! Our digital and social media campaign is well underway and the major elevision and other advertisements for the candidates are soon to blast forth in earnest.

This could not be more serious!Our state is in really bad shape, as you know. Our nation is in grave, grave danger. Thank you for all you are doing to change things.  I’m proud to be with you in this critical fight. We are in this together. When we win—and with your help, we will win—you and I will remember our part in this for the rest of our lives.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Party, you can always reach out to me directly (see contact info below) or call the office anytime at (505) 830-3650. We are located at 300 Central Ave SW, Suite 1300 in Albuquerque, so feel free to drop by, too!

Yours for NM FOR ALL—and for the people!


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