Where do we go from here

OK, Indivisiblists, we lost this round In the House of Representatives….barely. We need to keep in mind, however, that this is long fight, and the Republican majority is weaker from the positions many of them took during their fight to destroy affordable healthcare for all Americans. We need to stay organized, stay focused, and make those same Republicans pay for their votes on this issue.

Steve Pearce – you clearly don’t care about the welfare of New Mexico and New Mexicans.  You will never become Governor of New Mexico (I have heard that you might want that job). I will work hard to make sure that never happens.  I will work hard to make you fight to keep the job you have right now.

This battle has been a wake up call to Democrats, progressives, liberals, and all Americans who believe in fairness and justice.  We have been getting complacent, and we need to check that.  Progressive groups have had a surge in donations since this bill was past.  Moreover, you have probably seen quite a few articles in the press that indicate that, in winning this battle, Trump and the Republicans have really stirred a hornet’s nest.

Indivisibleguide.com has a great web page full of information about where we go from here and how we win this war.  Check it out and check out the video as well.

The next healthcare fight is in the Senate.  Trumpcare will have a very difficult time there.  And don’t forget to keep the pressure on the Trump administration about Russia.  Call our Senators (Heinrich is on the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence).  Call your Congressman.  Call the Justice Department. Write letters to the editor.

Continue the Resistance

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