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Important Announcements


From the Chair

This past month was a whirlwind! We have begun several projects, including a design of a new web page, which is due to be released sometime in June.

We have a team working on long-needed rules for the Democratic Party of Sandoval County (DPSC). County Central Committee (CCC) members – keep an eye out for a meeting notice next quarter as the CCC is the governing body that will approve the rules.

We are trying to cover more precincts and find candidates for upcoming elections. If you are willing and able to serve in either of these roles, please let us know. Vice Chair Isaac Chavez is working on resources for precinct chairs.

Your Executive Committee, Communications Team, Data Team, Fundraising Team, and Labor Liaison are working hard to help move our party forward.

The CD-1 race has geared up! Everyone is welcome and very needed on Melanie’s campaign. If you have a few hours, contact Vice Chair Isaac Chavez (vicechair@sandovaldemocrats.org) to sign up to phone bank or drop literature in CD-1. DNC Chair Jamie Harrison kicked off a lit drop on Saturday, May 1 via Zoom. Afterwards, we met and stayed socially distant and healthy while we dropped off “Melanie for New Mexico” literature at voters’ doors. We will be campaigning every Saturday and Sunday until the election. Stay tuned for more information on safe, healthy ways to help Melanie win!

The DPSC thanks those of you who have become sustaining donors for our party. If you have not yet signed up to be a sustaining donor, please consider doing so. These contributions are so important because they will provide a monthly base to pay for costs associated with website hosting, Zoom calls, our MailChimp subscription for regular communications, basic printing, and office supplies. Additional money that we raise through fundraising events and contacts can be used for candidates and elections later in the year. Please go to our website, DPSC website, and click on “donate.”

Alexandria Piland

May Events

The Democratic Party of Sandoval County for its First Friday meeting will feature Garrett Veneklasen, who will update Sandoval Democrats about conservation policies in New Mexico and the activities of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and how we might aid its efforts. Garrett has been a tireless champion for the conservation of public lands and native wildlife, fighting for everything from federal and state funding for native wildlife, stricter regulation of off highway vehicles on public lands, higher state water quality standards, stricter regulation on mineral development, to enhanced protection of threatened and endangered species.  Please join your fellow Democrats at 11:30 a.m., May 7 on Zoom.

Register for our Zoom session here.

The Democratic Party of Sandoval County’s Second Saturday Meeting will feature a presentation about the activities of OLE New Mexico helping working families, and how we might assists its efforts.  Erica Gallegos, Policy Director of the organization, will help educate us about the organization. Please join your fellow Democrats at 11:30 a.m. May 8 on Zoom.

Register for our free Zoom session here.

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