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Important Announcements

Hello Fellow Democrats

Candidates seek Phoners 
Since I’ve become Chairman I’ve repeatedly asked folks to reach deep into their wallets to support us and our candidates. Now I’m asking you to reach deep into your watches and find time to make calls for our candidates. They have thousands of calls to make and they cannot do this by themselves.

Please contact the candidates directly (you can find their websites and contact information here: https://www.sandovaldemocrats.org/2020-election-candidate-bios-and-other-information/) or you can email me directly at sandovalcodems@gmail.com and I can put you in touch with the candidates who would be your representatives if elected. Thank you for your consideration.

To stay up to date on all Coordinated Campaign activities please sign up here.

October Forums Scheduled

First Friday will take place on October 2, 2020 at 11:30amOur next First Friday will take place viz Zoom. Our guest speaker will be Lt. Governor Howie Morales who will be rallying the troops before the voting starts! Please register here

Second Saturday will take place on October 10 at 11:30am.

Our next Second Saturday will take place via Zoom. The guest speaker will be State Auditor Brian Colon who will be rallying the troops before the voting starts! Please register here

Tell why you are a Democrat

If you are interested in being profiled in next month’s Why I am a Democrat please send me a message at sandovalcodems@gmail.com.

Help Democratic-owned Businesses

There are a number of businesses here in Sandoval County struggling during the pandemic. Some of these businesses are owned by committed Democrats. And some of these businesses have also been very helpful to our party as well. We encourage our members to patronize these businesses. If you feel another Democrat-owned Sandoval County based business should be listed here please contact me at sandovalcodems@gmail.com.

  • The Range Café, 925 S Camino del Pueblo, Bernalillo
  • M’Tucci’s Moderno, 1908 Wellspring Avenue SE, Rio Ranc
  • O’Hare’s, 4100 Southern Boulevard SE, Rio Rancho

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