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Important Announcements

Hello Fellow Democrats

Volunteer Opportunities Abound

Request your Biden Signs:

Theresa Trujeque, Corrales, 505-328-4000, ttrujeque6@comcast.net
Gary Tripp, Rio Rancho, 505-934, 7608gary@garytripp.com
Deb Dapson, Rio Rancho, 505-328-1066, deb.thedemocrat@gmail.com
Oscar Solis, Rio Rancho, 505-856-0342, oscarsolis42908@gmail.com

Help needed down to the wire
We have SEVEN-count them-SEVEN ways for you to contribute to our party in these last two weeks:
1)  Make calls for the coordinated campaign to help get Democrats up and down the ballot elected. Please reach out to Markela Clinton: 505-379-7506 or markela@nmdemocrats.org

2)  Make calls for the individual candidates. Get their contact information here: https://www.sandovaldemocrats.org/2020-election-candidate-bios-and-other-information/

3) Volunteer for our Communications Team and work on social and print media. Please reach out to Delbert Schafer: schafer42@gmail.com

4)  Be a poll challenger and help ensure people who want to vote get to vote. Please reach out to me: sandovalcodems@gmail.com

5)  Some of the Ward Chairs plan on doing visibility activities for our candidates starting on October 17. Find and contact your Ward chairs here: https://www.sandovaldemocrats.org/wards-and-precincts/

6)   Alexis Jimenez is working hard on encouraging voter registration through visibility activities through election day. She is gathering people at various spots to hold and wave signs about registering.  She plans to go out every morning between now and election day whether anyone joins her or not. Please contact her for more information: alexisjimenez2016@gmail.com

7)  Linda Allison is doing visibility activities for Rio Rancho-based candidates now. Please contact her for more information at ladem77@gmail.com

November Events

No First Friday Forum or Second Saturday Forum in November

Election Nite Zoom Fiesta Planned   

 Join us virtually on an election night as we celebrate what we expect will be a great election night. We’ll have entertainment and hear from our (victorious) candidates and other Sandoval county democratic dignitaries, hear election results updates and more! The event will be from 9pm – 11:30 and you can drop in any time. We’ll have more details as we finalize the event, but it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Tell why you are a Democrat

If you are interested in being profiled in next month’s Why I am a Democrat please send me a message at sandovalcodems@gmail.com.

Help Democratic-owned Businesses

There are a number of businesses here in Sandoval County struggling during the pandemic. Some of these businesses are owned by committed Democrats. And some of these businesses have also been very helpful to our party as well. We encourage our members to patronize these businesses. If you feel another Democrat-owned Sandoval County based business should be listed here please contact me at sandovalcodems@gmail.com.

  • The Range Café, 925 S Camino del Pueblo, Bernalillo
  • M’Tucci’s Moderno, 1908 Wellspring Avenue SE, Rio Ranc
  • O’Hare’s, 4100 Southern Boulevard SE, Rio Rancho

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Election Night Fiesta!

Attendees are welcome to register in advance for the Fiesta. Feel Free to Come and Go as You Like. The registration Zoom link is here.

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Block Smeared Candidate

By Barbara Gallegos Rio Rancho Observer – Sunday, October 25th, 2020 Editor: In what appears to be a precisely timed case of whistleblower retaliation in the throes of the election, Sandoval County Chief Deputy Clerk Anne Brady-Romero was terminated from her position. Brady-Romero, who filed a whistleblower complaint last November, is the Democratic candidate running …

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Sen. Harris talks “Radical Optimism”

This month’s Why I am a Democrat features former U.S. Senator Fred Harris: I grew up in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl and Depression years of the 1930s. My dad was, back then, a day laborer without a job, a sharecropper without a farm to sharecrop, my mother, a housewife with no outside income. For …

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Block Goes Too Far

Sandoval County Commissioner for District 2 Jay Block misused his office in distorting facts, publicizing and politicizing a county personnel matter. Commissioner Block posted on social media that Anne Brady-Romero, chief deputy clerk, had been terminated. He asserted the reasons for the termination, which does not square with the later release from Brady-Romero, who is …

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