Block Goes Too Far

Sandoval County Commissioner for District 2 Jay Block misused his office in distorting facts, publicizing and politicizing a county personnel matter.

Commissioner Block posted on social media that Anne Brady-Romero, chief deputy clerk, had been terminated. He asserted the reasons for the termination, which does not square with the later release from Brady-Romero, who is the Democratic Candidate for the position of Sandoval County Clerk.  Just asking for a friend, is this a Republican example of fake news?

Commissioner Block apparently used his county position to gain access to personnel files, which should have remained confidential within the human resources group. He then made the information public. In so doing he usurped the authority of the County Administration, and possibly the County Commission. Block’s actions appear unethical, and could subject Sandoval County to a lawsuit for violating the civil rights of an employee.

Commissioner Block also appears to have usurped his county party’s role by politicizing the situation in promoting Brady-Romero’s Republican opponent. Block failed to differentiate his position as an elected official from his political desire to gain re-election and tout a candidate from his political party.

The County Commission and the County Administration must investigate the ethical and legal ramifications of Block’s actions.

The Democratic Party of Sandoval County condemns Block’s political stunt and his disrespect for women. The Democratic Party of Sandoval County supports Brady-Romero.

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