We Must Work Together to Solve Our Problems

Gary Tripp, Albuquerque Journal, Guest Column, August 19 Amidst a global pandemic and economic catastrophe, we the people are coming to recognize our shared humanity, common values, and mutual interests. Rather than letting demagogues divide us, we are uniting, regardless of party affiliation and documentation status, in our fight for social and economic justice. We …

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Candidates, Set Up Websites

Kathleen Lipnis, Rio Rancho Observer, Letter to the Editor, August 16 I am a new resident of New Mexico and find it very frustrating to find out information on candidates before elections. It seems that many candidates do not have websites or Facebook pages. Case in point: I am very interested in the upcoming District …

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Convention Tuesday Night, Wednesday Morning

Special Report by Deb Dapson – NM Convention Delegate Tuesday nights events were spectacular! The roll call was especially fun and interesting seeing all the different states and territories. Some of them really went all out! I may be somewhat biased, but I thought we did an excellent job in New Mexico. Thank you, State …

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19th Amendment – From Voting to Running

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Mailing Out Ballots is Safe for Voters

Friday, August 7th, 2020 As Election Day approaches I want to reach out to our independent voters in New Mexico, also known as declined-to-state (DTS) voters. I have been both a DTS voter and a Democrat. My take is that most DTS voters don’t want partisan posturing or rhetoric about turning the state blue or …

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Complaints About Editorial, Mental Health Care

Monday, August 10th The Observer editorial of Aug. 2, entitled “Injustices Served for RR” highlights the selective memory of the newspaper’s editorial staff and is the latest example of its bias in favor of Republican candidates and elected officials. In the editorial, the Observer righteously laments that would-be school shooter Joshua Owen was let off …

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Governor Got It Right

Published in the Rio Rancho Observer on August 2, 2020 Governor Lujan Grisham announced that her administration is directing New Mexico public schools to delay the start of in-person classes. This decision is the right move. The governor’s primary responsibility is to care for the people of New Mexico. The most critical criterion regarding school …

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Trump’s Authoritarian Tactic Must Be Stopped

Published in the Albuquerque Journal, July 28 With images of heavily militarized Homeland Security agents on the streets of Portland tear-gassing and grabbing peaceful protesters and trying to incite violence, we may be seeing democracy dissolving before our eyes. We must remind ourselves that we’re not viewing clashes between protesters and police in Hong Kong …

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Prioritize Health Over Politics

Published in the Rio Rancho Observer, July 26 How would you judge a father who withholds life-saving treatment from a child with a serious disease? How would you judge a father who is more concerned with his stock portfolio and golf swing than his child’s suffering and possible death? How would you judge a father …

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A Tribute to Rep. John Robert Lewis

Watch this tribute slideshow with quotes from NM legislators and John.

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