Have a plan for this summer? How about Milwaukee in July?

By Marietta Benevento Milwaukee doesn’t often appear on lists of extra-busy travel destinations, but 2020 promises to be the exception. With the Democratic National Convention taking place July 13 -16, the city expects to welcome something like 50,000 visitors – including candidates and their staffs, delegates, volunteers, members of the media, donors, and others gathering in …

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Cynthia Tidwell – Why I am a Democrat

I grew up in a hard-shell Republican family.  When we settled in Glenview, (a Chicago suburb), when I was in high school, my dad always made a point of declaring that it was our sacred duty to pull the Republican lever for all candidates, as a protest against the elder Daley Democratic machine. It didn’t matter …

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Red Flag Law Letter to the Editor – Published in the RR Observer 02/23/20

The following was published in the Rio Rancho Observer on Sunday, February 23, 2020. The author is Judy Gordon a member of the Sandoval County Precinct 74 Committee. Dear Editor: Kudos to our Democratic governor and New Mexico Legislature for their action to prevent suicides and domestic violence through the passage of the Extreme Risk …

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County Pre-Primary Convention – February 15

Five of the seven Democratic Candidates for Congressional District 3 for Northern New Mexico asked for support from Sandoval County Democrats in the State Pre-Primary Convention March 7. The Convention helps determine candidates for the June 2, 2020 Primary Ballot. The seat is open with US Representative Ben Ray Lujan stepping up to run for …

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Sandoval County Pre-Primary Convention

Sandoval County Democratic Party Pre-Primary Convention had the honor of the kickoff speech given by Ben Ray Lujan, US Representative for Congressional District Three in New Mexico. More than 200 Democrats came out for the event on Saturday in Bernalillo. Rep. Lujan is relinquishing his seat to run for the U.S. Senate for New Mexico. …

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This Is No Way To Run A Democracy-Look at Iowa

For Rio Rancho Observer Published February 17, 2020 There are four early state Presidential election contests.  Taken together the first four contests may be representative of a broken system. The first and second contests are biased in a way that knocks too many viable candidates out before they have been vetted by a cross-sample of …

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Ward Meetings – February 8, 2020

Ward A Great showing of support at the Sandoval County Ward A meeting, held to elect delegates to the County Party’s Pre-Primary Convention! Thanks to all that came out to volunteer, show support and get involved. Ward B Ward B of the Sandoval County Democratic Party met Saturday at the Corrales Senior Center where 87 …

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Bill Woldman – Candidate for Corrales Councilman

This March 3rd, with early voting starting on February 4th, Corralenos will be asked to fill three vacancies on the Village Council.  I would like to urge you to vote for Bill Woldman to fill the District 2 seat.  For the past 21 years Bill and his wife Barbara Bayer have lived in Corrales.   Bill …

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First Friday Luncheon – Feb. 7, 2020

The Sandoval County Democratic Party’s monthly First Friday Luncheon met at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo to an overflow crowd. The featured presentation consisted of a forum of the three candidates for the Sandoval County Clerk’s Office, Bob Perls, Alicia Sclafini, and Anne Brady Romeros. Candidates for a number of other local and congressional races …

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Karen Schafer – Why I am a Democrat

Actually, there are four things in my life that inspired me to be a Democrat and then confirmed my commitment. 1) I joined the Young Democrats in college and found the meetings and participants interesting and fun.  Then came JFK’s presidential campaign.  It was my first time to vote and I liked what he said. …

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