NM Legislative Session

By Daymon Ely, Democrat, District 23 New Mexico House of Representatives. The Legislature starts up again on January 21.  Every even year is a short session – 30 days.  Every odd year is a long session – 60 days.  In the long session, anything goes.   This means that there is no limitation on the …

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Second Saturday Luncheon – January 11, 2020

Sandoval County Democratic Party held its Second Saturday luncheon on Jan. 11 to a capacity audience. Updates on activities, presentations from candidates, and political socializing filled the agenda. Ways to canvass voters provided the principal group discussion. The difference of canvassing for votes and listening to the potential voters concerns and issues was presented.

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Teacher Shortage Imperils State’s Public Education

By Charles Goodmacher Jonny is a fourth-grader in a small, rural school in New Mexico. His teacher lacks any form of teacher’s license. It’s common for long-term substitutes to teach for an entire year or more in this school. Jonny’s class is reported in a statewide report that shows 644 teacher vacancies. Daniella is a …

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An Editorial by Karen Schafer

To the editor of the Rio Rancho Observer: Your cartoon making fun of Greta Thunberg in the December 29 edition was totally inappropriate and insulting.  This young woman has done more to bring awareness of the climate crisis than any other single individual.  To deny that there is a crisis in short sighted and aligns …

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Rosella Gonzales – Why I am a Democrat

John’s invitation to speak to why I am a Democrat brought to mind a Ward D meeting where we discussed the need for a concise presentation on what the Democratic Party stands for.  I took the invitation as an opportunity to write what the Democratic Party means to me and to address the Ward D …

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Genia Chavez – Why I am a Democrat

Being a democrat has been a piece of a three part story that make up my identity-my past, present, and future. My past is largely influenced by stories of my maternal grandfather. He was a Mexican-American veteran who had a hard time keeping his mouth shut in the face of injustice and adversity. Appropriately named …

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David McGuffie – Why I am a Democrat

Imagine a world where healthcare and education are privatized leading to rising costs, many animals are now extinct, hordes of people are on the streets, begging for a dime, no public lands as they are now all in the hands of multimillionaires; and an earth that is scorched causing famines leading to mass immigration. If this …

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Kitty Pérez – Why I am a Democrat

When John asked me to put into writing why I chose to belong to the Democratic Party, it occurred to me that I can’t ever remember not being a Democrat!  As the proud daughter of immigrants, and having lived in several different countries, I was taught to appreciate the vast variety of human beings and …

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Sherianne Pierce – Why I am a Democrat

I grew up in a household parented by a single mom.  Hard times were many, but we persevered.  My mother was not a political creature though, in her circumstance, she should have been.  As a child of color with two white half siblings and a white mother, I noticed early on that people treated me …

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Steve Conrad — Why I Am a Democrat

I grew up in a Republican household. I love my Republican family (as well as my many Republican friends). But from a young age, I knew I was a Democrat at heart. I knew it as clearly as I know that I’m tall, and left handed, and have brown eyes. It seems as if it …

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