August 17 – 20 – Democratic National Convention

August 17, 2020 – August 20, 2020 all-day
August 17 – 20 – Democratic National Convention


Due to the pandemic, the post-primary delegate selection process is being streamlined and will be conducted via virtual meetings.

There will NOT be Democratic Party of Sandoval County  precinct meetings or a county convention.
Important dates to keep in mind:

June 2 – Primary election

June 13 – Election of CD1- and 3-level delegates to the Democratic National Convention

June 14 – Deadline to file Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support Form for Party Leader/Elected Official (PLEO) and at-large DNC delegates

June 19 – Election of PLEO delegates to the DNC

June 20 – Election of at-large delegates to the DNC

August 17 – 20 – Democratic National Convention

For information/training on how to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, contact .

All forms in English and Spanish languages to apply to be a delegate can be accessed here.

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