Letter to ABQ Journal – THE PRESS is to impel, steam roll and provoke issues and opinions

Albuquerque Journal – October 6, 2020

THE PRESS is to impel, steam roll and provoke issues and opinions of the people who have access to the bully pulpit. Currently the press is liken(ed) to a Nerf ball that has for 3½ years been tossed around like one would mollycoddle a youngster just learning to catch. If the press cannot challenge and clarify the truth to bullies, then we have no chance at a continuing democracy.

The press is meant to be courageous and not concern itself with courtesy in its conquest for the truth ….

Currently many (members) of the press seem to have lost their way. They have become fearful. Fearful of authority, fearful of their employers, and especially to those running our nation.

(Debate moderator) Chris Wallace … was a showcase for my point. Trump went off on a unpoliced tirade …. Wallace allowed the loudest and most belligerent American bully to bombard, deflect and offend the nation’s informed and sensible viewers. It was an uncomfortable scene at best and at worst overt acts of aggression that should have been run by rules and order.



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