Q&A Session with County Clerk Eileen Garbagni

Chair and County Clerk Talk:
Election Information the Topic

I recently had a Q&A session with our hard-working County Clerk Eileen Garbagni about the upcoming election process.

Q:  Is it too late to request an absentee ballot?
A:  We can send out absentee ballots until October 20th.

Q: Then what happens?
 A: When we get your application, we verify that you are who you say you are, we then enter your name in our system and flag that you are going to receive an absentee ballot on the 6th of October.

Q:  We received ballot applications from the Center for Voter Information. Are you encouraging people to use those applications?
Yes. There were several entities that sent out applications. We then we sent ours on the 14th of September. So every registered voter will get an application from the County of Sandoval.
Anyone that did receive these other applications can also send them back and will suffice for the request for an absentee ballot

Q: Will there be the usual number of polling stations and mobile voting booths this year?
A: We only have 38 polling sites in all of Sandoval County this year. But we also have 19 early voting sites, which includes the Pueblos.

Q: Will there be other ballot drop-off centers?
A: All polling sites will have a drop box, including the County Clerk’s office off of Idalia

Q:   If we request a ballot and then change our minds and want to vote in person, can we do that?
 A: Yes. You can just bring the ballot you received in the mail with you to the poll site and will be able to vote there. But the absentee ballot will be discarded, you will have to sign an affidavit and you will be given a REGUALR BALLOT TO VOTE.

Q: If we choose to use the Postal Service to mail in our ballot, is there a way we can know when our ballot has been received?

A: Just call the Bureau of Elections at (505) 867-7577 and the staff can verify if we got your ballot or not.

Q: Can people register on voting day?
A: The bill that was passed for constituents to register on election day will not be in force until 2021.

Q: What is the most important thing for people to know when they decide how to vote in Sandoval County?
A: The most important thing for people to know is to have the confidence in your County Clerk that everything is legal and accurate and that our Poll officials will have PPE to distribute for everyone’s’ safety. I assure everyone that my office is taking every precaution to run a fair and safe election.

Q: When will you start counting the mail-in ballots? Will it be secure?
A: We will start counting our absentee ballots on the 20th of October. Being that we already have over 10,000 applications on hand we are allowed to start counting 10 days before the election.
We will be at our Bureau of Elections warehouse and will have actually recruited double the amount we had for the Primary.  I am not allowing anyone in our warehouse while the counting is done and it is very secure.

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