RBG Seat Grab

I am compelled to write this letter in fairness to all the
people of our Nation. We have just lost a Supreme Court
Justice who was beloved by many Americans. She fought for
justice for all—women’s rights, black lives, immigrants and
too many more to mention here.

In the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death, the President is
making a full-out grab for her judicial seat while the rest of
the U.S.A. is still reeling from the loss. In 2016, when
President Obama wanted to submit a name for election to
the Supreme Court, Republicans & Mitch McConnell said it
was ”so close to a general election and the electorate
needed to have a say in how that seat was filled” — a 9
month lead time! YET, we are 6 weeks pre-election, and he
is now happy to rush this Republican selection through.
This hypocrisy further divides our Nation. Respect and
unity? No, Sir!

CALL-FAX-EMAIL WRITE your Senators to express your
dismay at this lack of respect for an honored American’s
wishes and the rights of the opposition party. There is
plenty of time to find someone to sit in her seat, even
thought they most likely will not fill it in the way RGB did!

By Christine Spigarelli

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