Rosella Gonzales – Why I am a Democrat

John’s invitation to speak to why I am a Democrat brought to mind a Ward D meeting where we discussed the need for a concise presentation on what the Democratic Party stands for.  I took the invitation as an opportunity to write what the Democratic Party means to me and to address the Ward D need for a concise presentation of our values and foundation.

The following is my first attempt at a concise presentation of what the Democratic Party stands for.  I consider it a work in progress as I believe it can yet be more concise.


  • Democrats take on the challenging to ensure a livable, inclusive future.
  • Democrats do the work of the people by leveraging knowledge and science to inform government policies and practices.
  • Democrats promote a government that seeks fairness and equality through policies aimed at strategic stewardship of the future and correcting the effects of past injustices.
  • Democrats believe in and strive for a balanced government, one that builds collective strength by encouraging and supporting individuals and that protects individuals from governmental excesses and the exploitative practices of others.

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