Right Wing Pushes False Narrative to Suppress Peaceful Protests

Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Extraordinarily NonViolent This summer’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests were overwhelmingly peaceful. But the Republicans’ blatantly false talking points claim that BLM protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd were violent and that BLM is a terrorist organization. An analysis by The Washington Post soundly refutes this lie. The …

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Vote for New Mexicans

Published in the May Sandoval Signpost New Mexicans elected large Democratic majorities to the State House and Senate, sending the clear message that all citizens deserve a better, fairer, and brighter future. And the state legislature delivered! We now have the opportunity to pass a constitutional amendment to significantly increase funding for early childhood education. …

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We twist and shout over political ads in CD1

From the Albuquerque Journal – April. 27, 2021 AFTER HEARING Sen. Mark Moores’ ad in which he says that Rep. Melanie Stansbury did not help pass legislation for exempting state income tax on Social Security payments in the 2020 legislative session, I knew I had to write because this is really stretching the truth. He …

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Vote for Melanie Stansbury Democratic Candidate for Congressional District 1. When Democrats Vote – Democrats Win

https://melaniefornm.com/ Ms. Stansbury is a proud New Mexican who has spent her career working to protect our lands and waters. She currently represents New Mexico’s 28th House District and is running to be the next Congresswoman from the 1st Congressional District. Ms. Stansbury is a scientist and politician. As a New Mexico State Representative, Ms.Stansbury has …

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 CD1 Voters: Be aware! Special Election 

On June1, 2021, a muy importante special election is being held for the CD1 Congressional seat left vacant by Congresswoman, Deb Haaland, who is now the Secretary of the Interior in the Biden administration. The best person to fill that seat is MELANIE STANSBURY. She sits now in the New Mexico House of Representatives & …

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State Senator Brandt is Out of Step with his Constituents

From the Rio Rancho Observer – April 4, 2021 Last week’s Observer provided a valuable service by publishing two opinion pieces and a feature article asking lawmakers of both parties to briefly share their views on the recent legislative session and their hopes for next year’s 30-day session. The Democratic legislators highlighted the session’s accomplishments …

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First Friday – April 2, 2021

Video of the monthly meeting of the Democratic Party of Sandoval County. This one, moderated by Katherine Bruch, Commissioner for Sandoval County District 1, featured a get-to-know the newly elected Chair, Vice Chair, and Ward Chairs of the County Party. Plus, a special appearance by Melanie Stansbury, newly selected nominee for the NM Congressional Dist. …

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Alexandria “Alex” Piland, Rio Rancho, is the new Democratic Party of Sandoval County Chair.  Elected on March 20th, she will serve for two years.  Isaac Chavez, Algodones, was elected Vice-Chair. Piland is an educator, union organizer, and activist who has worked tirelessly for the Democratic Party of Sandoval County.  A graduate of Emerge New Mexico …

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Sheriff Not Doing the Full Job

From the Rio Rancho Observer – March 21, 2021 https://rrobserver.com/letter-to-the-editor-sheriff-not-doing-the-full-job/ In his letter to the editor last week, Sheriff Jesse James Casaus patted himself on the back for doing his job. He failed to mention, however, that he is not committed to doing the full job he was elected to do. Upon taking the oath …

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Writer Opposes Brandt’s Education Stance

From the Rio Rancho Observer – March 9, 2021 https://rrobserver.com/letter-to-the-observer-writer-opposes-brandts-education-stance/?fbclid=IwAR12uv9uRairnOgsbwkfL2InTh28_ESOqWjWr1AcR1XYg5tCesQ3qcOPPds Describing state Sen. Craig Brandt, R-Rio Rancho, as a proponent of education simply because he is a former Rio Rancho Public Schools school board member ( Observer, Feb. 28), is as erroneous as portraying Donald Trump as a proponent of good government simply because he’s a former president. …

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