We Need Your Letters to the Editor and Opinion Pieces


As you know, our democratic system of government is on the ballot this November; dystopia is on the ballot, as well. You have ideas, opinions, outrage, and compassion, and your voice for Democratic Party issues needs to be heard! That is why we are encouraging Democrats to write letters to the editor and opinion pieces to New Mexico newspapers.

Your letters will reach a large audience. Letters and opinion pieces are published on the editorial pages, which are one of the most frequently read sections of the paper. Since elected officials pay close attention to media coverage, you will reach members of Congress, County Commission members, local sheriffs, and others all at the same time. If the political stance of a given newspaper isn’t to your liking, all the better. You will be communicating with readers who need to hear your views, not just preaching to the choir.

And you don’t have to be a Shakespeare or Jane Austen to write a letter. We are so passionate about your doing this that we have put together the attached manual with some “how to” pointers, examples of topics, and instructions for submitting your letters to newspapers throughout the state.

We are also offering editorial services should you want them. Two members of the Sandoval County Democrats Communications Team, Judy Gordon and Ann Kepley, can give your draft a cold read or a more substantial edit upon request. Just send your letter to SandovalDemLetters@gmail.com.

Even if your letter doesn’t make it into a newspaper, we may publish it on the Sandoval County Democratic Party website and link to it on our Facebook page.

Please help us get the word out through your letters and opinion pieces that we are the party of dignity, equality, and prosperity for all, that we reject the values and corruption of the Republicans, and that voting in the upcoming election has never been so critical.

Democrats who want to write Letters to Editor and contribute Opinion Columns to print media in New Mexico will find help in the Guide (link below).  Information on best practices to increase the chances that your work will be published and who to submit your letters.opinions are found in this Guide. 

You will also find a link to personal assistance if you desire such help.  Let’s make Democratic voices heard in Sandoval County and throughout New Mexico.

Letters to the Editor Guidance and Topics

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